The female Pantsuit

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The female pant suit has waned in popularity, since casual Friday’s spread through the whole week!

I think its time we look at the ultimate Girl Boss Look. The pant suit does NOT have to be stuffy or boring in anyway. It’s all in how you wear it.

Firstly as it is a set, you have a pulled together look right off the bat. Now to add some modern style.  Here are a few ideas:

You can add a soft sweater , which will really soften the formal lines of the suit.

Have fun with your suit by adding a shirt with sleeves longer than the sleeves of your jacket. Then add shoes the same color as the shirt. This look is both stylish, and

By rethinking your footwear you can really change the feel of your suit. For example, by rolling up the pant leg and adding a pair of loafers or heels you are taking your suit to another level !

By adding a V neck t-shirt to your pant suit you instantly gain an edgier look. Add a cute, brightly colored backpack. You now have a smart, stylish, and very modern look.

Some pant suits can look very casual, as they come with wrap jackets and are made in soft fabrics. These suits are best teamed with more conservative and classic
accessories to add structure.

As with everything its all about balance!

Rethink the pantsuit: after all, its 3 in one. You get a suit (One look) you get a pair of pants (second look) and a jacket (third Look)

Have fun with the pantsuit

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