The Male Romper

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Surely this is an oxymoron.  Male and Romper!!
There is a caveat, the caveat being a male baby,  but honestly ladies, do you want to see your man in a romper?

Obviously the mental images are highly amusing.  As woman we know how difficult the romper can be when visiting the restroom.  The idea of a row of men standing in front of the urinals with their rompers trailing on the floor behind them ………!

So he has selected a nice new romper , now what to wear on his feet?  Well, some are teaming their romper with very pretty knee high leather boot with a frill. This is very flattering as it slims the leg.

Can we really have our cake and eat it too?  Well, as a female who likes to break the fashion rules, I think this is a cake too far.  We may yet see the male romper on the streets of Waxhaw!

After all, Fashion is Fun!!
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