The Rise of the small shop

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I believe we are moving back to the small neighborhood shops we so eagerly left behind for the glamour and selections found in the “Mall”.

We are already seeing shops closing down inside these Big Malls.  Inside the stores, it’s harder to shop, as there is a scant number of sales assistants to assist!

These big stores are suffering.

We all have to adapt to changing times.  As the shopper becomes increasingly comfortable online, the stores sort to support this change, and cater to their 21st century customer. All was wonderful ….for awhile.

As the customer became more sophisticated, issues began to appear. The customer would shop the Mall store, buy a dress, and then discovers they could have bought it for less on the companies online store. Result, the customer returns the dress, and buys it online, and loses faith with the value in the Mall shop.

Today’s customer is cannier than in the past. Our country has been through a devastating recession in recent years. As a result, EVERYONE is more aware of the value of a dollar.

Things have changed since the recession of 2008. We still feel the repercussions, not all of which are bad. For example young people are more likely to choose to eat at home. (Using either an online fresh food ingredients delivery service, or Postmates (a service which will deliver take out from any restaurant in your area)

Today’s customer is looking for quality, service and, value.

Hello the small shop!

Small shops are ALL about service. When you shop small, you can expect to be welcomed by the shop keeper, who will be knowledgeable and passionate about what they are selling. This will benefit the customer because they will receive the best service, value, and care. The small business owner has opened their business with passion and faith. The customer is appreciated and valued, and never taken for granted. Therefore the customer will ALWAYS receive the best service and value in a small shop.

I look forward to this brave new world of online shopping for convenience, AND shopping the small shops for quality, value, and service!

The small shop is on the rise!

When not shopping online, shop local.

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