The trend that looks AMAZING on everyone………. The Kimono

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Kimono means thing to wear:  ki = Wear, Mono =Thing

How simple, but so beautiful. Kimonos have been traditional Japanese dress since 794 and are worn by men and woman.  There was a lot of prestige and ceremony attached to the Kimono, and to the dressing of the Kimono.

Today’s versions are paired down.  Simple to wear, but have kept the basic elements which make a Kimono.  The three quarter length sleeves are both practical, and flattering, as they show the smallest part of the arm.  The variation in fabrics for differing occasions, and the tie waist. The tie waist works well on petite frames, and when used as a cover up.

A Kimono is a more glamorous choice than a cardigan or jacket. Wear one open over jeans, or a pencil skirt.

A short, sheer Kimono looks super cute over shorts or a mini skirt.  A great date night look!

Kimonos also work really well as a beach cover up. The Geisha would be horrified at how casual we are today, but also pleased that we still appreciate these beautiful Japanese inspired robes.

The Kimono works for every body type and size. Just pick the right length for you.

One thing you can be sure of is that they won’t be going out of style!

Fashion is fun, and always pushing the boundaries. Feel Glam as you waft around in your Kimono this summer.

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