The Vest, Over rated? …… NO!

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I love a vest! I didn’t realize how much, until my mother and a friend both told me separately, what they were both wearing the vests I had given them, and how often they both wore them. Yes, a Vest makes a great gift!

Back in my own closet I did a count. I have 9 of them, and am open to more.

Why I love and encourage everyone to love a vest.

1) For practical reasons. They add warmth without hiding your outfit.

2) They hide tummies. The vest smooths the silhouette.

3) They can give an edge to a regular outfit.

4) I love to layer.

A vest is akin to a cushion in your home. Meaning, cushions change the feel of your room, and are easy to change out with the season. They give another texture and depth to your room. The Vest does all that for your outfit.

There are so many different kinds to choose from:

Padded Vests

Fur Vests

Knitted Vests

Long Length for added drama

Light weight – Super cute over a short sleeve Tee



You see, there are a lot of different vest options out there. Find one that speaks to you. A Vest is a Must Have!

Remember Fashion Is Fun. Smile and you will look great in anything!

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