Top Handle Bags

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They are back! We girls love our handbags. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. A handbag for many is a delight and joy to carry. It is a thing of beauty, to be admired and cherished.

We have all enjoyed the oversized bag. Practical, yes . . . but when did practical have anything to do with fashion? The crossbody is cute, and the backpack not as cute–and hard to find your keys! The resurgence of longer, more flowing clothes has caused a change in handbag styles. A great reason to go shopping!

The new handbag is more structured to compensate for the longer skirts and flowing fabrics. These bags are adorable! Pick a traditional with a top handle. I love these as they are very chic and don’t pull on your shoulder, which tends to drag on your clothing. Or try a crossbody. The bag is still structured but attached to a chain in keeping with the more feminine feel of the current looks.

The designers are using lots of color in the clothing this season, like the stunning saffron, or the seasons hottest color, red. Handbags have taken on more muted, traditional shades, so they will go with everything, from the super colorful to the Gothic floral (black with flowers).

Look out for statement handbags and the new mini bag! What are we to do? I guess we will be carrying a tote with our statement mini bag!

Hey, it’s fashion.

Fashion can be fun . . . enjoy!

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