What is fashion?

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Fashion is imagination. Yes, each season we learn what is the new “must have.” True fashion is taking something you love and working it into your look, for example, John Lennon and his Amish hat!

Many styles of clothing that we take for granted were inspired by things worn hundreds of years ago, yet were shocking when reimagined and relaunched by stylish individuals. Take for example Mary Quant’s mini skirt: the idea came from the short tunics worn by the Roman soldiers under their armor! The parka jacket was taken from the Inuit peoples’ jacket with a hood, with the hood being used to carry their babies around.

As humans, we love to break the rules, and fashion continually proves this point. We love to shock. Even the LBD (little black dress) was a shocker when CoCo Chanel introduced it for everyday use. Up to that point, black had strictly been reserved for mourning use only. Nowadays, we all have black clothes we love to wear . . . sometimes too much. Color is also important!

To me, fashion is taking something you like and working it into your everyday. It could be an evening dress worn with work boots, a man’s belted jacket with a skirt. Anything that captures the imagination can make you look and feel great!

Fashion is fun.

Always wear a smile and you will look good in everything!

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