Passion For Fashion: Dress For Your Sign

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Dress for your star sign -VIRGO

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

The Virgo lady is a perfectionist and this shows in how she dresses. She has

an eye for both quality and detail.  She will look for a ladylike silhouette with

good tailoring and intricate details.

However, she won’t be looking for a high-ticket price.

Our Virgo Lady is not frivolous. She is careful with her money but she won’t sacrifice quality while checking out the sales rack.

You won’t find a Virgo adorned with faux furs and fashion jewelry as this lady will demand the real thing or nothing thank you!

Quality is an important factor as the Virgo lady will want her items to be multifunctional and long lasting. The other important factor is style. A Virgo will choose things with a bit of an edge and what some may say is sexy. This lady is not staid!

Great colors for Virgo are Navy, Cream and Green. The more natural tones suit her best.

Virgo happy shopping, we love your style.

Fashion is fun

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