Cold Laser Therapy and What It Means for Your Pet

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One of the newest, hottest regenerative technologies in veterinary medicine is cold laser therapy. This is a technology that has been used in human physical therapy, human chiropractic practices, and equine medicine for over two decades. In recent years it has now become available for our companion fur babies.

Cold laser therapy sends photons, or packets of light energy, deep into the targeted tissue. These photons, or energy packets, are absorbed by the surrounding cells to give it the energy cells need to repair and rejuvenate. The reason why this is important is because injured cells do not have enough energy to repair at a normal rate. By giving injured cells a boost of energy they can start healing faster and better. Laser also improves tissue oxygenation and nutrition, decreases inflammation, and reduces pain. Though there are many benefits of cold laser, it should not be used in an area that is known to have cancer.

Cold laser can be used for joint pain, ligament or muscle strains, back pain like a bulging disk, swelling, edema, ear infections, burns, post surgery, gingivitis, anal sac disease, and inflamed bladders due to stress. Laser treatments are typically completed over 6 sessions, take less than 10 minutes, and require no sedation. To your fur baby, the laser treatment will feel like a heated massage. Laser therapy may even decrease the amount of chronic pain medication your fur baby is on.


When washing your puppy, make sure you use a tearless rated shampoo, just like you would with a baby. Also, do not use a human shampoo as pet shampoos are formulated specifically for their skin and coats. While it may be tempting to cut or shave your puppy’s hair, it is recommended not to until their adult coat begins to come in. Cutting a puppy’s hair too early can forever damage the hair and it may not grow as expected, especially in certain breeds. When in doubt, consult with a groomer.

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