Dr. King Focuses On Safe Space At Pet Grief Group Meetings

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CHARLOTTE – Two weeks ago, we introduced you to Dr. Clarice King, our newest counselor who leads our morning monthly online Pet Grief Group meeting. This week, we are featuring part 2 of our interview with her. Please stay tuned for part 3 next week!

Dr. Bonilla: What is your favorite thing about what you do? 

Dr. King: The being there for people. I get to do that on two levels: I am a counselor with my own practice and I am also a faculty member. With my faculty position, I get to teach people who want to be a counselor. I love getting to be part of their journey as they discover what they want to become as a counselor. With my practice, I get to hold that safe space for my clients to share. 

Dr. Bonilla: What are you hoping to accomplish with leading the pet grief group meetings? 

Dr. King: There was already a long-standing monthly pet grief group. Now bringing on my morning meeting to the mix, I am hoping to bring a little bit of focus in. I have specific topics to talk about each month. This past month we were able to explore things deeper with prompts. I hope to help create a safe enough space that whoever needs to come in can. People can share what they need to share and get what they need to get out of the time. When you have loss of any kind, with our culture it makes people nervous and uncomfortable. It makes it hard to share since it makes others uncomfortable. I hope that in these meetings, that feeling of making someone uncomfortable by sharing will disappear. I want the meetings to help people feel that they are not alone in their grief and loss. That it is okay to share what they are feeling and hopefully create a space that can truly help people through their grief journey.

For more information about our monthly FREE online Pet Grief Group meetings, please visit the group’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thepetgriefgroup

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