Estate Planning For Fur Babies

Sabrina Winters, proud pet parent of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital and estate planning attorney, pictured here with her furbaby Gracie.

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CHARLOTTE – At Passionate Paws Animal Hospital, fur babies are an essential part of the family. Just like with our human children, it is important to think ahead and make plans to ensure that our fur babies are cared for if something happens to us.

“It should all be in writing and thought out. Just like you would think through plans for your kids, you should plan for your pets,” says estate planning attorney Sabrina Winters.

Sabrina is a client of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital and a dedicated pet parent who has seen first hand what can happen when a plan for a pet is not written out before someone passes away. “Their senior parents die, and there’s no one to take them,” she states.

Instead of waiting until you think you need it, Sabrina recommends putting a plan in place immediately for your pet. Similar to how you would write out care instructions for someone who is pet sitting, she says she recommends doing a few things to ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met if you can no longer care for them. 

  1. Make sure your pet is microchipped so your fur baby can be identified.
  2. Include the contact information for your fur baby’s veterinarian.
  3. List all of your fur baby’s medications and medical history.
  4. Detail out your fur baby’s daily schedule. This will include eating habits, bathroom needs, and overall daily routines.
  5. What are your fur baby’s unique qualities? Are they scared to be alone? How do they react to other people? To other animals? What are the special traits that someone caring for them should know?

In addition to the 5 essential pieces of information to include in your written plan for your fur baby, Sabrina also encourages pet parents to include who they want to care for their pet. Having your first pick clearly stated and a second and third option as well are recommended just in case the first choice falls through.

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