FitBark: The Must-Have New Pet Tech Item

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CHARLOTTE – We ensure that we are always keeping up with all of the new products in the pet tech world. One of the most popular recent items that we are loving is called FitBark. 

FitBark began as a Kickstarter idea in 2013 and has quickly become an international success. What exactly is it? It is a small bone-shaped device you clip onto your fur baby’s collar. Not only does it monitor your dog’s behavior, but you can also input basic info and select a lifestyle for your dog. FitBark will give you constant feedback and “BarkPoints” based on details from similar dogs to your fur baby.

FitBark is a great way to monitor your dog’s health and see how it compares to similar dogs that are the same age and breed. You can start to get a baseline of what is the norm for your fur baby and then monitor for any changes that could help you be proactive with discovering potential health issues. Specifically, you can monitor activity, sleep quality, distance, calorie balance, anxiety, skin conditions, and overall health and behavior. The FitBark is lightweight, rechargeable, and doesn’t break the bank. It’s also waterproof and can link to a handy smartphone app which makes it the perfect on the go accessory for the adventurous fur baby and pet parent.

We love any investment that can help support a healthy lifestyle for your fur baby and ultimately add years to their life. 

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