Five Fun Things to Do with Your Pet While Social Distancing

Snuggling with your pet is a huge stress reliever.

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Its easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed with the current atmosphere we are facing. However, one of the best ways to de-stress is to spend time with your pet. Being at home more gives even greater opportunity to have some fun with our furry friends. 

Here are some suggested activities to do with your fur babies & family while social distancing: 

  • Exercise:  Enjoy the extra time at home by taking the dog (or cat) for a walk, run, or hike. The entire family will benefit from it and you will all feel less stressed and revitalized.  
  • Play Games: Think about all the fun dogs have at daycare.  Why not bring some of that fun into your own backyard? Build a small agility course.  Create puzzle games for your pets to solve. Have a search and sniff treasure hunt. 
  • Snuggle:  It is one of the best parts of owning a pet. We are always moving a mile a minute. Take advantage of downtime at home with a movie night and some fur-baby snuggles.
  • Training: Have you been putting off training your dog?  This is not only a great opportunity to train your dog but also to learn new things for the entire family. 
  • Cook: With many restaurants closed or limiting services, theres never been a better time to cook at home. This also applies to feeding our pets! Have you ever tried making homemade treats or food? Need a safe recipe? We can customize recipes for your dog’s needs. 
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