Fur Baby Chauffeur Offers Support To Busy Pet Parents

Mary Coppola, owner and founder of Casper’s Canine Cab, pictured here with her furbaby, Casper.

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CHARLOTTE – It is no longer necessary for a pet parent to be the only provider of transportation for their fur babies. New services, similar to those used by humans, are helping fur babies get to and from vet appointments, play dates, daycare, and other necessary appointments. In February of this year, Charlotte got their very own fur baby transportation service called Casper’s Canine Cabs. It is a very welcome service for busy Queen City pet parents who need a little helping hand.

As Mary Coppola, owner and founder of Casper’s Canine Cab explains, “I have seen a lot more services for people translating over to pets. I personally started using the poop scooping services. It especially works well for my generation because we treat our pets like our kids.”

In fact, it is Mary’s fur kid, Casper, who she named her business after. Casper is a white doberman who has become the unofficial CEO of her company. Mary is part of what she calls the “z-linneal” generation. They are between millennial and gen-z and she credits people in her age range as one of the main reasons so many new pet service businesses are popping up. 

“With how the economy is it is harder to afford kids but having animals is a little bit more cost-effective,” says Coppola.

With so many waiting to have kids and opting instead to expand their families with fur babies, it is no wonder so many new pet focused businesses are being created all over Charlotte. As the pet hospital for pet parents, we at Passionate Paws Animal Hospital love that being a dedicated pet parent is now becoming a very popular trend. 

To book your fur baby for pet chauffeur services and for more information about Casper’s Canine Cab, please visit their website: https://casperscaninecab.com/

Passionate Paws Animal Hospital is a proud member of the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

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