Furry Companionship For Those With MS

Pets can bring so much joy to those that struggle with MS.

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CHARLOTTE – Amongst celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, the NCAA basketball tournament, and the beginning of spring, March is actually Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness month as well. For years, it has been noted that there is a wide range of benefits in having a furry companion for people living with MS. Though many people often think of dogs and cats as mere pets, there are many ways in which these animals and others can serve in emotional support and help those with chronic illness or disabilities. 

Pet companionship can be incredibly helpful for someone with MS. Not only are they great at keeping company and easing feelings of loneliness and isolation, but cats and dogs in particular often seem to have a sixth sense when their owners are unwell. Pets also provide unconditional love, which is crucial for someone who is likely experiencing a combination of both good and bad days. 

Taking care of a furry companion can also provide a number of other positive outcomes. Something as simple as petting a dog or cat can help reduce stress and help distract from feelings of sadness. Having a pet to care for means needing to keep somewhat of a regular routine with feedings and potentially getting outside for exercise and fresh air, which can be very beneficial for both the animal and owner. Fur babies truly can enhance our lives and make us feel better and happier, and it is so heartwarming that they can be such a help to those with illnesses like MS.

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