Halloween Safety For Pets

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WAXHAW, NC – Candy, costumes, and pumpkins – oh my! Halloween is just around the corner, as can be seen in any store, and probably some of your neighbor’s yards as well. Though this holiday may look a bit different this year, there are still some precautions to take and things to consider if your pets will be nearby— or even “participating” in — any spooktacular festivities.

Do we love photos of pets in costumes? Of course! However, it’s important to understand that your fur baby may not be comfortable in one, or he/she may need a little time to get used to the special attire. Be sure to let your pet try on the costume before the big day to ensure that it fits well without restricting movement or breathing. Also, keep in mind that a festive bandana is equally as cute if the costume ends up being unpopular with your pet.

Halloween evening can potentially mean lots of visitors at your door, and these new and unfamiliar faces can make your pets nervous, particularly because of costumes and masks. Unless your pet is very social, it’s probably best to keep him/her in a separate room or part of the house away from the action to prevent unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Last, but not least, remember that Halloween treats are for humans, not pets! Candy, especially chocolate, can be very toxic for cats and dogs. Be sure to keep the stash out of reach of your fur babies — before, during, and after trick-or-treaters visit your house. We hope you have a safe & fun Halloween!

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