National Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

National Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

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WAXHAW, NC – Is anyone else finding it hard to believe it’s November? Cooler weather is here (somedays, at least), the leaves are beginning to fall, and the holidays are right around the corner. While most people’s focus this month will be around the Presidential Election and Thanksgiving, November is also “Adopt a Senior Pet” month.

As I wrote just recently about puppy basics, there is a special joy that comes along with getting a new pet. Just as there is a lot of consideration that should go into getting a new puppy, it’s also important to consider that an older furry friend might actually be a much better fit for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Older pets have often had a chance to mellow and mature, losing some of their “toddler” energy. Though they may require a little bit of adjusting to a new home, their history is typically known to some extent, which makes it easier to find a great fit for you and your family. If they need any training at all, it’s probably minimal and would be specific to your routine and home.

So, if this season of giving and gratitude finds you looking for a new furry companion, don’t skip over the thought of adopting an older pet. With good care at home and by your veterinarian team, a furry senior friend can enjoy many more happy years with you — and he or she will be so thankful, even after the month of November is over.

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