Pet Safety During The Holidays

Playing with holiday decorations can be dangerous for your pet.

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WAXHAW, NC – December is here, and thankfully, it has brought along some holiday cheer that we probably all need right now! As we prepare to celebrate the holidays – though it might look different this year- consider these helpful tips to keep your furry family members safe and healthy during this joyful time.

Be cautious about holiday foods and treats. No matter how much they beg, a pet should never eat chocolate of any kind, as it can cause many issues and can even be fatal. Think twice before giving your pet some turkey or ham for their special holiday meal. Feeding your pet excessively rich or fatty foods like this can cause pancreatitis, and poultry bones should also stay off their menu.*

Be thoughtful about holidays plants and decorations in your home. Plants like holly, mistletoe, lilies, and poinsettias are all toxic to pets. It’s also not safe for a pet to drink Christmas tree water. Decorations can be dangerous to your pets, so try to keep things like tinsel, ribbon and ornaments out of reach.

If you are hosting any family or friends during the holidays, keep in mind that this can be a disruption to your pet’s normal routine or space. Consider creating a safe area for your pet that is secure with their bedding, water, and favorite toys. Remind guests to keep all outside doors closed to prevent any escapes, and to keep their belongings, such as medicine, locked and packed away.

*If for any reason your pet does eat something toxic and you are not in a position to bring him or her to your veterinarian or emergency hospital please call the Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661.

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