Pet Tech Product Feature: Smart Collars

Smart collar by Fi allows you track your dog anytime, anywhere.

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CHARLOTTE – As our world continues to advance technologically, there are so many innovative products becoming available for fur babies and their parents. We’ve talked about the advantages of some pet tech gadgets such as pet cameras and training devices in the past, but one product that has hit the market and really become popular more recently is smart collars.

Back around Black Friday, we noticed that it seemed like some of the most sought-after deals for pet parents were on smart devices and collars that allow them to know their fur baby’s location and even get insights on their pet’s fitness. One of the brands that appears to be leading the way in this area of innovation is Fi.

The Fi website ( boasts that you can “track your dog anytime, anywhere” using the power of GPS and LTE-M cellular network, which is a new technology for low power, long distance communication. The collar has an impressive IP68 waterproof rating and is made with an armored aluminum faceplate that make it “dirtproof and adventure proof.” It even has a LED light with color-changing capabilities.

Once a Fi account has been created, pup parents have access to various appealing features on the app, including being able to track their pup’s exercise and monitor their sleep. Multiple family members/owners can be given access to track a dog on the app, and you can also meet other local pup parents that are a part of the Fi community. This smart collar and the associated app seem really impressive and worth checking out!

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