Preparing For A New Pet During The Holidays

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CHARLOTTE – Thinking of adding a furry friend to your family during this holiday season? Getting a new pet can be a very fun experience, and we certainly love the idea of cats and dogs finding a fur-ever home! There are some important factors to consider before making the commitment of being a pet parent, and we’ll share a few tips to guide you when looking for a furry family member as well.

When it comes to caring for a fur baby, keep in mind that it does require time, love, patience, and a financial commitment. Consider the cost of these items throughout a pet’s life: regular veterinary wellness visits, basic comforts (think beds, toys, bowls, etc.), food and possibly grooming visits, depending on the type of pet. If you feel like you are prepared for these responsibilities, here are some tips for your search:

Decide on a fur baby that’s best for you. This includes figuring out if a cat or dog will better fit in your life, but also considering their breed, age, needs and unique traits. It’s helpful to do some research on these factors before making a decision. Consider adopting! There are thousands of pets in need of a home, which would be a perfect gift for them this season as well. Make your home pet-friendly. Set your fur baby (and yourself) up for success by pet-proofing, preparing for potential accidents, and having boundaries and designated spots for eating and sleeping if possible.

We hope these tips are helpful as you consider bringing home a new fur baby this holiday season or in the new year!

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