Put Some Spring In Your Pup’s Step

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CHARLOTTE – Spring has sprung, and if you’re a pup parent, you may have noticed more dog hair on your clothes, furniture, and floor recently. In winter, some dogs grow heavier coats to protect them from the cold and elements, and this coat will begin to shed in the spring.

If the extra fur around the house isn’t convincing enough, consider other factors that come along with this change in seasons. Routine grooming is key for the overall health and wellbeing of your pup, but spring grooming is even more important because pollen and other allergens are most active during this time of year.

Keep in mind that grooming is more than just a bath or haircut for your pup. Our groomers are expertly trained and know how to keep your dog safe in a relaxing and welcoming environment. They can also keep an eye out for things that might not be quite right with your dog, like a change in skin or personality that may be an indicator of a bigger issue.

We’re proud to offer fear-free, full-service dog grooming at Passionate Paw Animal Hospital, and our facility gives us the opportunity to provide care for pets with special needs as well. Learn more at our website and contact us at (704) 256 -7576 to schedule a complimentary grooming consult. Our pet stylists are ready to help your pups look and feel great with their best paw forward this spring!

Passionate Paws Animal Hospital is a proud member of the Union County Chamber of Commerce and the Waxhaw Business Association.

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