Tags for Hope

Tags for Hope help keep your fur baby safe.

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WAXHAW, NC – We know that one of the biggest fears for any pet parent is losing their fur baby. It’s always a concern and one of the best ways to help ensure that you can find your missing pet is by having ways to identify them. Micro-chipping is a must-have for all fur babies but it isn’t something that an everyday person can easily read or use to help reunite you to your fur baby.  However, there are easier to see ways that we also recommend and love for their aesthetic appeal. One of our favorite products right now is Tags for Hope. Their pet identification tags are extremely customizable with the option to include a picture of your pet and contact information. We especially love that they resemble a driver’s license or other forms of human identification cards. However, by far our favorite thing about Tags for Hope is that they give back.

Every year, over 2 million adoptable animals, lose their lives. They are working to bring that number down, “one pet at a time.” Every tag that is purchased through them helps with this mission and allows them to save the life of an animal and provide it with: food, critical medical care, transportation out of a high-kill shelter, and additional time. We love supporting organizations like this that not only produce an amazing product but also are helping fur babies in need.

For more information about Tags for Hope visit their website tagsforhope.com or follow them on social media @tagsforhope.

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