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CHARLOTTE – Did you receive a four-legged friend for Christmas? Or has your family recently decided to adopt a dog or cat? Bringing a new pet into your home can be an adjustment for everyone involved. Keep reading for some tips to start off on the right paw.

• Like humans, pets need time acclimating to a new environment. Be sure to provide a comfortable, safe area for them if they need some space to themselves. It’s also important to keep their environment consistent by setting up their bed, food and water where you plan on having him or her long-term. Keeping their environment calm is also helpful for the first couple of weeks after bringing a new pet home.

• Keep a regular routine when possible. Obviously, things are still not back to “normal” as we once knew it, so it’s understandable that your life may be different right now. However, having consistent feeding times, training, outdoor potty breaks, and regular walks is key in helping your pet adapt and learn their new schedule and appropriate behaviors. This may take more time with older animals, as it’s likely a bigger adjustment for them.

• Provide plenty of mentally-stimulating toys and activities. Having interactive toys can help your new pets release stress in a pawsitive way! (stay tuned for more on this soon!)

• Last, but not least – be sure to schedule a visit to your vet for essential care and advice on how to keep your fur baby healthy through the years.

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