Pet Tech Is Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

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Pet parents are increasingly spending on their fur babieshealth, fitness, and well-being which has led to the high adoption of online, digitally connected, and innovative products we call pet tech. This has led to high pet tech market growth all over the country and even here locally in Charlotte with new companies being created to meet demand.

Coolvio, is a company based in Charlotte that specializes in technology apparel for animals, and recently announced the launch of its bArctic cooling dog shirt right in time for the hot summer months. The bArctic offers dog owners an easy way to keep their dogs protected from the suns heat and harmful UV rays – without using any water, like all other dog shirts currently on the market do.

Coolvio Marketing Director and Co-Founder, Remi Haygood explained why they created bArctic, Everyone is walking their dogs, as temps rise, our hi-tech cooling dog shirt helps reduce the risk of dogs overheating. The bArctic from Coolvio and other pet tech innovations are giving more options to safeguard our fur babies from many common health emergencies that we see in our hospital regularly which is why we are so passionate about this trend. Its exciting to see what innovations will develop. As new products continue to arise, we love that its allowing pet parents to stay connected and provide better lives for their fur babies.

For more information on Coolvio, please visit their website,

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