Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo: Tips For Choosing the Right Dog For You

Loki is sweet and fun-loving, but as a herding dog, he’s high energy. It’s a good thing his parents are young and love the outdoors!

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CHARLOTTE – Thinking of getting a new dog or puppy? There is a lot to think about when adding a new pet to your home. Here are some tips!

Top 5 considerations for choosing the right dog:

  1. History of the breed – Especially for pet parents purchasing a new puppy, know your breed. What was the breed originally bred for? Will they have a high/medium/low activity level? Will they want to guard you/your home? Are they prone to fear/happiness? Are they more independent/sociable?
  2. Activity Level – So important! Understand not only the breed but the dog in front of you. Do you have the energy to keep up with your dog’s needs? Meeting his needs lessens the chance of boredom/problem behaviors.
  3. Adult Size – That puppy is adorable, but what size will he be as an adult? Do you have the space? Is this breed larger than you can handle?
  4. Grooming – Does the breed require a lot of grooming? Can you do it or will you have to pay someone else?
  5. Training & veterinary care – Find a good, qualified trainer and veterinary office before you need them. In both cases, waiting until a problem arises puts you on defense, struggling to keep up and help your dog appropriately. What method of training and care do you want for your dog? Get started on the right path! It’ll save you money, time, and concern.

With every dog consideration, having time for the dog, giving the attention he needs, should be your top priority!

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