Top 5 Body Language Signs Your Dog Wishes You Knew

See this lip lick? This dog is not terribly anxious. Instead, this is a subtle sign of being slightly uncomfortable in the moment. Maybe he doesn't like being held here or hugged? Or maybe he is worried about the child's intentions? Picture by Sam Lion from Pixels

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CHARLOTTE – Last week I posted about the Top 5 Body Parts To Watch. Have you noticed your dog speaking to you? What did you read in his/her signal?

Below, you’ll find the top 5 subtle body language signals that dogs use indicating they are uncomfortable. I’m counting down this time because number one is a biggie! This one is most often missed and a harder signal to recognize.

5. Yawn – A yawn from your dog can definitely mean he’s sleepy, tired or bored. The key is to consider if the yawn is out of context. Is he yawning while a new person is visiting? Or when you’re giving him a bath? These yawns are out of context of waking up or sleepy time.

4. Lip lick – This is a lick to the front of the mouth, toward the nose, where you will see a large portion of the back of the tongue.

3. Freeze – Stiffening of the whole body. Beware, this often happens before a bite!

2. Sniffing – Sometimes indicates your dog is thinking about a situation or he’s trying to calm himself or another dog.

1. Head and/or Body Turn – This can be a very slight turn or a larger motion. Usually done when something or someone is coming toward their face, like an over-the-head pet. It’s an extremely important body signal to notice because of how uncomfortable your dog is in that moment.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who listen.” Author unknown

Join us next week for tips on growling and barking! It’s all information 🐾

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