Puppy proofing your home

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Bringing a puppy home for the holiday is an amazing gift but it is also a big responsibility.  There are so many things to plan.  To help ease you into the transition of pet parenthood, here are some quick tips to make your home puppy-friendly.

It is important that your bounding and energetic puppy has a safe and secure environment to play, eat, and sleep.  The easiest way to do this is to inspect your home from your puppy’s perspective.  Get around on all fours and see if your puppy could be hurt by a sharp edge as well as chew, lick, or eat something they shouldn’t — furniture, electrical cords, shoes, remotes, medicine — if a puppy can put their mouth on it, they will.  Be sure to secure any furniture that could topple over such as bookcases or TVs and put away any trash cans that a curious puppy could get into.  Remove any houseplants that are poisonous or toxic to dogs when ingested such as philodendron, corn plant, aloe, and lilies.  Put away any electronic device that runs on batteries such as remotes that your puppy might attempt to eat as batteries are extremely poisonous if swallowed.  Lastly, make good use of baby gates to ensure your puppy doesn’t go somewhere off-limits or accidentally fall down the stairs while they are still learning.  


Dr. Susan Bonilla is the owner of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital in Waxhaw, offering traditional and complementary treatment options as well as full-service grooming.  She is certified in acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy.  You can reach her at 704-256-7576 or e-mail at Hello@PassionatePaws.Vet

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