Nine Steps To Selling Your House – Part 1

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WAXHAW, NC – So, you have decided to sell your home.

Hopefully, you’ve arrived at your decision by considering all of the pros and cons of handing over the keys to your house to someone else.

Whatever your motivation, the basic process is the same, though every transaction has twists and turns along the way.

Steps to Selling Your Home

1. Hire a knowledgeable and trustworthy Realtor®.  

I recommend hiring someone who is familiar with your neighborhood and your house’s surrounding community.

The Realtor® you choose to work with may or may not have previously sold in your neighborhood, and that’s okay as long as he has a good feel for the area and has access to all of the information he would need concerning your community.

Make sure he can talk about more than just the house, but also about the experience of living in your neighborhood.

2. Give your agent a tour of the home.

Invite your agent to tour the house and prepare a list of everything that is unique or special which adds value to your property and then compare notes.

You want to be sure she doesn’t miss anything, but she may notice some things you haven’t picked up on.

3. Discuss the marketing plan for selling your home.

Every Realtor® will post your listing on multiple listing services (MLS) and syndicated real estate websites, but what else will he do to actively promote your home?

Check out your agent’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.  Make sure he has the tools to distribute your home to as many places as possible.  The more places he’s able to market your property, the better.

Neighborhood farming and open houses may seem old-fashioned, but they still work, too.

For the complete list of Nine Steps to Selling Your House, contact the author at  In the next issue of Tri-W News, we’ll discuss establishing a sales price, showing your property, and negotiating the offer.

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