How Supporting Local Businesses Improves Your Property Value

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WAXHAW, NC – I am a big supporter of local businesses.  Whether it’s a restaurant or a specialty shop; a coffee house or a professional service provider, if I have a choice, I tend to choose local.

Part of that stems from my involvement in recent years with the Waxhaw Business Association and getting to know the owners and the employees of local establishments.

As a local resident, locally owned businesses in downtown Waxhaw and surrounding areas are a large part of what give this small town twenty miles south of Charlotte its charm.

As a local Realtor®, I appreciate how the lifestyle afforded by living so close to a downtown Waxhaw, or a Matthews or a Fort Mill positively impacts the value of homes in these communities.

Waxhaw is widely recognized for having access to amazing Union County Public Schools, a low crime rate, affordable homes mixed in with some pretty epic mansions, and an array of diverse, independently owned local businesses.

So, when you come across a video of me interviewing a local business owner and you wonder, why is that Jimmy Grappone guy interviewing all of these businesses?

I do it because I enjoy it, because I believe in entrepreneurship and I like getting to know other small business owners, and because as a real estate professional, I am a small business owner myself.

So I urge you to spend your dollars locally whenever you can.  You’ll contribute to the quality of life in this place you call home.  And you just might increase your home’s value while you’re at it.

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Check out and support your local businesses.

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