Attracting Buyers when listing your home

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So you have taken the plunge and decided to list your home for sale!  As showing requests roll in, you make sure the house is clean and everyone is out of the house ,but what else can you do to make the home more attractive for the potential buyer?

The first thing to do is make sure your curb appeal is the best it can be.  Since you only have one opportunity to make a first impression this is the place to start.  As buyers drive up to your home this is the first image they see and it will make an immediate impact on their feeling of the home.  If you are able, make sure the lawn is mowed and manicured, remove any debris from the yard, and trim any landscaping that is overgrown.  These small and low cost items will be very impactful for potential buyers.

Inside your home these are items you can do as well that will help to create a positive showing experience.  I always suggest for sellers to open up the blinds and curtains and allow natural light to enter the home.  Sunlight has the natural ability to make rooms look bigger and to make rooms more attractive to buyers.  Houses that are dark and gloomy often give off that same vibe to potential buyers and showings tend not to fare as well as a bright and open home.  So make sure you are turning on the lights to your home and let the sunlight in!

I cannot stress this one enough but Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!  It is imperative to remove items that will make a room look small and crowded.  It is also very important to limit the amount of items on the wall that will take away from the buyer imagining themselves living in the home.  You do not want your home to look empty but you want to maximize the space and make it look as large and open as possible.

These tips are a great start to maximizing your showings!

If you have questions about buying or selling a home contact Rob Callaghan at 704-778-8653 or Alex Austin at 704-724-6312.

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