Refresh and Clean Your Tiles

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Tile floors see a lot of traffic, whether that’s in the foyer, kitchen or bathroom. The good thing about tiles is that they can be easily mopped and air-dried.

To maintain the look of new tile, it’s important to clean or mop weekly if possible. If your tile is non-porous, such as ceramic or porcelain, you can use most household floor cleaners or opt for green, sustainable cleaning products. We personally like Mrs. Meyers or Method products for daily use, but any floor cleaner of your choice is fine. If you have marble surfaces, experts recommend only only mild soap and water to clean. Because marble is a natural stone, harsh chemicals or anything acidic, like lemon or vinegar, may damage the stone over time.

But even with consistent cleaning, grout lines can become dirty and worn over time. Giving your tile floor occasional extra care can pay off in the long run. You can tackle grimy grout as a weekend project, with products made specifically for grout cleaning. These products are available at home stores or online, just be sure to closely follow manufacturer’s directions. Grout cleaners are potent, so wear protective gloves and a mask when working. To get into grout lines and corners, use a. heavy-duty scrub brush. For fine grout lines, a toothbrush (or a few) can work.

While you can do it yourself, the grime that has seeped into the grout may be permanent. That’s where professional help comes in. Grout cleaning contractors have commercial cleaners, tools and methods to remove stubborn dirt. And a professional can offer more. After cleaning, they can color and seal the grout to make it look new again. While there are products to do this yourself, we do not recommend coloring grout yourself. It’s time-intensive and must be done meticulously so that it looks good. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise in coloring and sealing grout to make it last.

Grout cleaning, coloring and sealing offers your home a refresh without costing a fortune! To have your grout floors or walls cleaned—especially in your shower—make an appointment for an estimate and explanation of the cleaning process. You can contact us at 704-256-3750,, or

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