Simple water saving bathroom upgrades

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Simple Water Saving Bathroom Upgrades

Between the toilet, shower, and sink, your bathroom accounts for nearly 60% of your home’s water usage. Here are three ways to make a water-saving change and an investment in the future, without sacrificing performance.

1. Install a Low-Flow Faucet Aerator

Although a sink doesn’t seem to use as much water as the shower or toilet, it can pour out around 3 gallons of water per minute (gpm). Those extra gallons add up, especially if you leave it running while you shave or brush your teeth. By installing a low-flow faucet aerator on your bathroom sink, you can cut your water waste in half. Purchasing an aerator for your sink is one of the cheapest conservation renovations you can do, with aerators available for as little as $1.

2. Switch Out Your Showerhead

It’s easy to waste water in the shower—many of us leave the water running as we wait for it to warm. While taking shorter showers can definitely help with water conservation, new energy-efficient showerheads can help reduce water waste without sacrificing enjoyment.

Showerheads labeled “WaterSense” are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help save water. Showerheads labeled “low flow” use about half as many gallons per minute as standard showerheads. In addition, some newer models even feature “smart home technology” which automatically reduces the water flow to a trickle when the temperature reaches 95 degrees. (Just pull the showerhead’s built in lever and the flow returns to normal). This new technology can save homeowners as much as 6 gallons of water per shower!

3. Replace Your Old Toilet

The toilet is the most water-wasteful piece of plumbing in most homes, using as many as 7 gallons per flush! Luckily, toilet technology has come a long way, offering energy-saving models such as: Low Flow, Duel Flush and Pressure Assist. With thousands of gallons a year in water savings at stake, a toilet renovation is a must for water-conscious homeowners.

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