Are you a seasonal drinker?

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Are you a seasonal drinker? I sure am! I tend to drink certain wines and beers during certain times of the year. The weather pattern has been one of extremes lately. There have been major fluctuations between very warm and very cold, which have sent my taste buds into overdrive! It’s been a fun few weeks! I love a big, full-bodied wines and stronger beers in the cooler months. I consider the cooler spring weather a last chance to savor a robust cabernet. As the weather warms, I will be replacing it with Pinot Noir, Spanish reds and lighter white wines. I thought you might like to read about my current favorites!

Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon (usually priced around $37).
This wine is round and full-bodied; full of blackberry flavor with a touch of red fruit, intertwined with dusty tannins on the finish.

2013 Schug Pinot Noir, Carneros, Hertiage Reserve (usually priced around $49). My description of this wine can’t beat the vineyards. Here is the beautiful and oh so accurate description from Schug Winery, “A bouquet reminiscent of roses, warm cherries and Kirsch liqueur leads to rich flavors of black cherry, cranberry, and hints of lavender, all finishing with hints of tobacco and spicy new oak. This wine is perfect for the collector’s cellar, and will continue to age gracefully for up to 10 years.” Sigh . . .this sounds like heaven in a bottle! Grab some now and hold on to it if you can!

Sugar Creek Belgium Pilsner (usually priced around $6/pint).
I enjoy this pilsner in the fall and spring. It’s crisp, refreshing, well balanced,and full-bodied. There is a hint of Saaz spice in this brew that gives it just the right kick for either a warm or cool evening. This combination is not easily done!

Warm up the grill and the fire pit, get outside and enjoy these last few cold nights before the heat and mosquitoes take over. Before you know it, we will all be longing for fall again!

Chrissy Liescheidt


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