Pronunciation Guide

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Wine and food terminology can be intimidating to say the least! Take note of these 19 commonly mispronounced words and place your next order with confidence!

Bruschetta (Broo – SKET – ah)

Brut (Broot)

Ceviche (Seh – VEE – chay)

Château (Shah toh)

Cote du Rhone (Coat deh rone)

Crème fraiche (Krehm – FRESH)

Cuvée (Coo veh)

Eiswein (ICE vine)

Gewürztraminer. (Gah VERTZ trah mee ner)

Grenache (Greh nosh)

Gyro (YEER – oh)

Haricot vert (Ah-ree-koh-VEHR)

Hermitage (Er mee tahj)

Quinoa (KEEN – was)

Sangiovese (San joe VEH seh)

Sriracha (Shree – RA – cha)

Tempranillo (Tem prah NEE yoh)

Viejo (Vee EH ho)

Vinho Verde (VEEN yo VAIR deh)

Chrissy Liescheidt

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