Start your exercise program before the Holidays

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Start Your Exercise Program Now – Before the Holidays!

By Lenny Turi

The holidays will be here before you know it so don’t wait until after they are over to make those resolutions to get in shape.  With all the holiday parties and the temptations that go with it, it can be very difficult to be committed to your health & fitness goals.  Studies have shown that most Americans gain between 2-4 lbs during the 6-week winter period from Thanksgiving through New Years and many never take that weight off.   That doesn’t sound like much however after 10 years that could be as much as 40lbs of weight gain!  By having a plan with accountability you too can succeed through the holiday season and get those desired results without falling into the trap of the holiday slump.

Here are 5 things you can do to start your program now the correct way:

  1. Write down your goals – Be sure you have a good plan of exactly what you want to accomplish.  Make your goals clear and attainable and focus on short-term goals that add up to your one or two long-term goals.
  2. Keep a food journal – Research has found that when you write down your food intake you are more likely to reach your goals.  Most people would be surprised at how much food and calories they consume during the day.  Have someone review your journal – you will think twice about what you put in your mouth if someone is looking at your journal.
  3. Add resistance training to your exercise program – If weight loss is one of your goals dieting and cardio alone is not all you should be doing to get those excess pounds off.  Studies have found that doing strength training 2-3 days a week adds lean muscle tissue which will increase your metabolism and burn more calories while you are at rest.
  4.  Get family, friends or a professional involved – Having support from your family and friends can help motivate you to stay on track to accomplish what you set out to do.  Even better, get a workout buddy or hire a personal trainer to help keep you accountable and motivated.
  5. Keep it fun – For long-term results you should be doing activities that you enjoy. Yes, working out is strenuous for the most part but it doesn’t have to be dull and boring.  Vary your routines often, this will keep things fun and have a positive impact on your results.                                                                                                               Lenny Turi is a certified personal trainer and owner of Fitness Together in Waxhaw
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