Stop the resistance

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If your pet has ever had an infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics, then I am sure you are familiar with your veterinarian telling you to administer your pet’s antibiotics until they are finished and as directed, even if your pet looks better.  I am here to tell you that not following your veterinarian’s instructions is harmful to your pet’s health, the health of other household pets, and potentially people.  

Your veterinarian prescribes an exact course of treatment (how many pills to give and how often) that must be given to your pet in full and followed exactly.  Failure to give your pet’s antibiotic as prescribed or stopping treatment prematurely will result in not fully killing the disease-causing bacteria, potentially requiring future treatment, and can directly contribute to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can on occasion spread from pet to pet and sometimes spread to humans. The same goes for some human antibiotic-resistant infections that can occasionally be spread to pets.  To help decrease the chances of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria pet parents have to do their part by completing the full course of antibiotic, following the directions, and going back for recheck appointments when requested.


Dr. Susan Bonilla is the owner of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital in Waxhaw, offering traditional and complementary treatment options.  She is certified in acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy.  You can reach her at 704-256-7576 or e-mail at Hello@PassionatePaws.Vet

Grooming Tip of the Week

Communication with your groomer is critical to ensuring your pet receives the haircut you envision.  Do not assume that a groomer just knows what you want.  Bring in a photo of your pet with a haircut you like.  Avoid bringing in professional photos because those pets most often have show grooming cuts, which are typically not done in salons.  If you switch groomers, make sure to be patient with the new groomer when being asked questions about how you want your baby groomed…he or she only wants to ensure your pet is groomed to your expectations.  Finally, if you’re ever upset with a haircut, please let your groomer know so they may improve for next time.  It may just be you did not communicate as well as you thought.  

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