Subway Tile Style

Gray glass subway tiles add a nice contrast against white cabinets and countertops.

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With so many model homes in our area, it’s natural to want your kitchen to look like a model. For a look that’s showcased in nearly every model home, look to subway tiles.

Classic white, rectangular tiles come to mind when people think of subway tiles. But today’s subway tiles come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, textures and materials to make every project unique.

Flat, white long tiles create a seamless backsplash look that’s classic yet modern.

Colored Creations
If your cabinets are gray or blue, choose a color variation to bring your kitchen together. Similarly, a pop of color against white or natural wood cabinets creates a pleasant visual surprise. Glass tiles have a natural sheen, which add gleam and dimension to your space.

Marble Subway
A kitchen backsplash sets the canvas for the entire kitchen, and should play up the colors used on countertops, cabinets and the surrounding rooms. White or cream subway tiles are always a safe bet, but for subway tiles that pop, look for white marble with gray veins. While the subway stacked design is expected, the vein shapes add interest to your kitchen. For a fresh look, extend the backsplash up to the ceiling. The design and color makes the room look larger than it is, as the eye extends upwards.

Textured Trends
Most subway tiles are flat and smooth, but a beveled-edge tile creates a dimensional look. For beveled subway, choose grout that is the same color as the tile and choose tiles with a glossy finish. The sheen and color reflect off the tile’s ridges, making your kitchen shine. Just be sure to clean beveled tiles regularly, as dust can settle on the edges and grout.

You can buy subway tiles at tile boutiques, home stores, or online. Ask for samples to see how they would look in your kitchen. Then, get measurements and order the tiles, adding  10% for breakage. Depending on your tile choice, stores may have the tile in stock or it may take a few days to get your tiles delivered to either your home or the store.

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