Lilacs and roses

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Lilacs and roses are blooming near the front door, and I feel almost dizzy when I walk by and catch a whiff of their fragrances mingling together. Early May is picnic weather; yesterday, the children, and I packed a basket full of items that made a good lunch, and we walked to the green meadow behind the house. It was freshly mowed, and the soft grass was a perfect spot to lay a blanket down and feast upon cheese, crackers, cold cuts, cookies and homemade Kombucha (a fermented drink made from tea.) My daughter, Lainey made a crown of wildflowers for herself, and for the cat that followed us out there. We took turns reading aloud from Homesick, a book by Jean Fritz. It was a restful afternoon, and I made a note to stop and do things like that more often.

I have been experimenting with making different flavors of jelly. It is so fun to see what you can come up with! I made up jelly from Earl Grey, rosemary, and lavender teas. It has a light, sweet bergamot flavor and it was delicious on a homemade biscuit with Naked Pig sausage.

The very first farmers market of the season was a huge success! Thank you all for stopping by and saying hello!

That’s the news from the homestead, see you next week

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