Making soap and beauty products on the homestead

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Soap making has a long and useful history dating back to the early Roman Empire. In my Grandmother’s day, they had to render lard and make lye from wood ashes before they could even get down to the business of making soap. It was a long, hot process and it took several weeks of curing before they could use the soap. Thankfully we no longer have to work quite as hard to make fragrant, luxurious bars of soap. In fact, modern methods of soap making allow you to make and use the soap on the same day.

Face creams can be costly when you purchase them at department stores. Although some do work very well, I have never had one work nearly as great as the ones I whip up in my home. A little bit of pure cocoa butter, almond oil, aloe vera gel and water whipped together (at just the right temperature) makes the richest, creamiest moisturizer imaginable.

Bug bites, skin irritations or poison ivy can be hard to soothe. Herbs such as comfrey, chickweed, and plantain mixed with olive oil and beeswax make up a wonderful healing salve that draws out poisons from the skin and shortens the time it takes to heal. Every member of my family keeps a little container of healing salve with them – just in case.

Making your own skin products is so rewarding and fun! The best part? You know exactly what goes into each and every product you make. No trying to sound out chemical names and wondering if your skin will be able to tolerate it; just clean, natural products.

If you are interested in learning more, Sweet Harvest Homestead is having a fun and informative workshop/ luncheon on June 10th in which you will learn how to make soap, beauty cream, and healing salve.

For more information on the workshop, visit

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