The IRS Information Said What?

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CHARLOTTE – What do you mean my taxes weren’t filed?

Hey Tax Payer. Did you receive that response when you looked at “Where’s My Refund?” on the IRS website?

So, Let’s Get To It..

Those are the last words you want to read when you know in your heart taxes were filed. So, what do you do now? Most will panic and send their tax accountant an email, fax, a voice message, a text message, and a phone call because they feel their tax preparer made a mistake. Of course, the messages that are left aren’t friendly with multiple colorful choice words to boot.

As an accountant who have received such colorful messages, I can assure you we have completed the filing process while you were sitting in my presence at the time of preparing your taxes. Words of advice, TRUST YOUR ACCOUNTANT! We are in business to guide you through your paid tax preparation allotted time. Our job is to minimize your stress, minimize your liability and increase your refund, if possible, during this allotted time.

In conclusion, our government websites aren’t always updated on a daily basis which means the information may be months old. As a result, the site will give a false positive on your current tax years’ information. Before sending a nasty gram to your tax account, try being an adult and just ask calmly what the status may be on your taxes? That’s it. Problem solved. No colorful choice words need to be used.

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