This Is What You Should Do With Six Months To Go Until Tax Season

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CHARLOTTE – Hey Tax Payer. Time for a six-month evaluation of your Business Statements and Paystubs

So, Let’s Get To It..

Contractors/Business Owner: You should contact your Accountant to complete a six-month assessment of your account(s). They will be able to clean up any unwanted business expenses from your Profit & Loss Statement (P&L Statement) for tax purposes. By doing so you will have half the year of your statements ready for the end-of-year tax preparation. I strongly encourage all of my corporate, small business owners, and Contractors to follow this process.

Employees: The best thing for you is to make sure the taxes that are being withheld closely relates to the income received on a percentage basis. For example, if you have made $25,000 so far then your federal taxes should be around $3,764.28 (roughly. Based on a single filer). This is just a suggestion and not a directive from Mays Concepts LLC. We are just offering a suggestion that we believe will be helpful for you and your family for tax season in six months. Please consult with your HR Department for further assistance with your pay/deduction percentage.

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