Thankful For Our Customers

Thank you to my past, current and future clients who allow me to use my talents and skills to beautify their homes, and who recommend me to their families, neighbors, coworkers and friends. My team and I are truly grateful.

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This time of year, it’s important to reflect on things that make us grateful: our families and friends, our homes, our health, our pets, our jobs. The things that make our daily life rich and full are what we usually are thankful for. For me, I’m especially thankful for the people who have invited me into their homes to help them realize their tiling and home remodeling dreams. I am also grateful for the skills I’ve been given, but that hasn’t always been the case.

As a younger man in the construction field, I scaled homes to paint and fix siding, balanced on roofs to scrape off three inches of ice from Syracuse, NY winters, and inhaled pounds of demolition dust and debris that surely still have a home in my lungs. I bemoaned this daily grind. Why couldn’t I just put on a suit and tie, grab a leather briefcase, and head into an office to a corporate job? Why must my days be so physically exhausting?

Then, when my family and I moved to Charlotte five years ago from New Jersey, my attitude immediately shifted. People were excited and grateful to have me work on their home projects. They thanked me from the minute I returned their call (it’s hard to get people to return calls, I hear!) to the second they waved me out of their driveway, beaming at the work I completed for them. They showed off their new kitchens and bathrooms to family and friends, recommended me on community boards and social media, told coworkers at office parties… the list goes on. I’m still humbled and grateful at the many calls I get each week saying that someone strongly recommended me for a home project. It is truly an honor and so fulfilling to know that I have made a positive impact on people and their daily home environment.

So, this season, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the many people in this beautiful community who have invited me into their homes, allowed me to help with their small or big projects, and not only continue to recommend me, but have shown me that the skills and talents I’ve been given have made a difference in their lives. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a person waking up and sipping coffee in their beautiful kitchen, or having a calming and relaxing bath experience, or gathering friends in their remodeled living areas to enjoy the fruits of their (and my!) labor. This is my purpose in life, and for that I am grateful!

Thank you for allowing me to share my talents and showing me gratitude for the work I do, and for making my daily life full. Wishing my past, current and future clients a healthy and happy holiday season!

We would be honored to help with your home improvement and tile projects, just contact Mr. Tile via phone/text at 980-616-0914 or our office 704-256-3750. Drop us an email at and find us at and

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John Kontakis
Mr. Tile and Home Improvements Owner and Master Tiler John Kontakis takes extreme pride in helping clients with their home projects. With more than 25 years experience in kitchen/bathroom remodeling and expert tiling, John and his team treat your home like it's their own, paying meticulous attention to detail and completing projects on time and within budget. Mr. Tile can be contacted at 704-256-3750 or