The Ancient Art of Threading

Attractive woman in beauty salon on facial hair removal threading procedure.

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Angela C. Strother, PhD.

Weekly Column: Skin Sense

The threading technician picks up a roll of white cotton thread and prepares to perform the ancient art of Threading, a method for temporarily removing unwanted hair from the face or body.  As the thread unrolls from the spool, she estimates the length required to trim the client’s brows and cuts it from the spool. She leans in to examine the shape of the client’s face and then takes mental notes and asks about brow preferences.  She cleans the area with an antiseptic and instructs the client to press down on their eye lid for several minutes and later she instructs to release the eyelid.  At the end of the session, the newly threaded area is treated with a hydro-gel or soothing lotion that reduces or eliminates bacteria micro-organisms.

Brow threading is an artistic practice that shapes the brows by removing several hairs at a time.  Researchers state the origins of threading developed in ancient India and Asia.  Other popular options for temporary hair removal include shaving, tweezing, plucking, and waxing.  Unlike waxing that can traumatize the skin, threading is recommended for clients with sensitive skin.

Nothing attracts quite like beautifully shaped brows.  They help to shape the eyes and frame the face. Although most areas of the body can be threaded, it is more practical to thread smaller areas such as sideburns and facial areas.  When done by an experienced technician, threading is artistic, very quick, and precise.  The area threaded should last 2 weeks or more.

The state of North Carolina does not license nor inspect brow threading facilities.  When selecting a facility to have threading done, look for the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners Certificate that should be visibly posted.  This will ensure the facility has passed an annual sanitation inspection and also lists the numerical rating score.

Angela Strother, PhD is co-owner of Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa in Matthews, offering authentic salt rooms, massage, facials, threading, Henna body art, and body treatments.  She is certified in aesthetics and oncology skin care.  You can reach the Jon’Ric team at 704-708-4165 or email at At Jon’Ric Matthews, come join us for a cup of tea and a chat about your skin!

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