What are State Inspections?

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CHARLOTTE – A North Carolina state inspection is a test to make sure vehicles a suitable for the road. There are two types of state inspections; Safety Only and Safety and Emissions Inspections.

Safety inspections are for cars that were made in model year 2001 or before, or for cars that are only 3 model years old or newer with under 70,000 miles. These inspections make sure that the car is not dangerous to drive.

An OBDII Inspection is a newer style of inspection, ushered in due to new EPA regulations passed in the 1990’s. This test checks the emissions of a vehicle to make sure it is running clean and not over-polluting the environment. These emissions are monitored by a computer (the On Board Diagnostics) and can be read via special software plugged into a vehicle’s ODBII port, usually above the pedals. This inspection is for all vehicles model year 1996 or newer, With the exception of cars falling under the aforementioned 3 Year, 70,000 Mile rule.

Do I need a state inspection?

Most likely, yes. Most vehicles require a state inspection every year. Vehicles that require a state inspection are due in a certain month, shown via the sticker on the vehicle’s license plate or the registration card. If you are unsure if you need a state inspection, please feel free to stop by Manchester Auto and Tire of Mint Hill and we can determine if your car is due for its annual inspection.

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