Why Is Brake Maintenance So Important?

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CHARLOTTE – Vehicles, at their core, have one specific task: to go, and as any fine automotive engineer could tell you, the next most important thing for a vehicle to do after being able to go, is being able to stop. Real rocket science, huh?

All jokes aside, a car’s ability to stop is perhaps its most important task. In an emergency stop, accidents can be games of inches. It’s important that your brakes work as best as they possibly can every time. So what happens if you wait too long to service your brake pads?

Perhaps the most obvious answer is longer stopping distances. As brake pads deteriorate over time, so does your ability to stop quickly. Generally, brake pads should be replaced when they deteriorate to 4mm in depth to prevent this. This generally happens every 30,000 miles, but driving habits can cause this to vary. Waiting too long can mean an inability to stop at a reasonable rate.

Another big issue can be rotor damage. Unlike pads, rotors can last upwards of 70,000 miles or more, and are replaced less often. However, a pad worn past their intended lifespan can cause damage to the rotor itself, requiring turning or replacement, and rotors aren’t cheap!

Ultimately, delaying proper servicing only causes more expenses and dangerous driving conditions in the long run. Remember, when it comes to car parts that can save your life, don’t be reactive, be preventative!

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