Spring Check – Outdoor Electrical Safety

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CHARLOTTE – Spring is a good time to get out and inspect your outdoor electrical equipment. To get started, walk around the exterior of your house and the yard looking for damage. If you have an exterior electrical system panel, be sure it is securely mounted to the building, the cover closes completely and that animals and insects can not find a way in. Check all landscape lighting and wiring for damage from weather or animals. Flood lights and coach lights can also be damaged from winter weather. With Pool and hot tub season around the corner, check your motors and outlets early.

Take time to test your outdoor GFCI outlets. Homes are required to have one GFCI outlet per entryway and one located within 25 ft of an AC unit. Detached garages, sheds, decks, patios and pools are other likely places you will find a GFCI outlet. Outlet covers should be intact to keep water out. To test the circuit for faults, simply press in the “TEST” button. Plug in any device (bring something small around with you) to check. If the electricity is off – GFCI is functioning correctly. Press the “RESET” button to use this outlet again. If the electricity continues to work – you have a bad outlet and you are not protected from electrical shock. Call an electrician to assess why the GFCI isn’t working.

If you have any questions about GFCI outlets or any electrical concerns give us a call at GB Electrical Services, (980) 500-2378, or visit our website at GetTheBestElectric.com.

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