Top 5 Things To Consider Before Hiring An Electrician

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Top 5 things to consider before hiring an electrician.

1. License and Insurance

Make sure the electrician has a valid license to legally perform electrical services within the state. Most states require them, North Carolina is one of the states that requires an electrician to have a license. A reputable electrician will have current and valid insurance and license.

2. Qualifications

Learning if they have the experience for your specific project is important. Ask what kind of training and experience as well as if they have specific licenses or certifications. A Master Electrician will offer a 12 month warranty or guarantee on their work.

3. Reviews and Recommendations

You can check their website to see what kind of electrical work they are specialized in and how long they have been in business. Google, Yelp, and their Facebook page are good places to see the reviews they have, giving you a good idea of their work performance

4. Good Value

The integrity of your electrical system in your home is important, there should be no compromising quality for savings. Choose the electrician you are most comfortable with.

5. Professionalism

You want to end up with someone leaving you confident in their work. Do they have a professional website?  Do they appear professional and have a good attitude? Personality won’t affect their job performance but this person will be working in your home.

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