The Importance of Life Balance

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Angela Strother

Weekly Column: Skin Sense

She’s lived a life in corporate America; corner office, lots of work hours, committed to a variety of public causes, mother, wife; the list forever growing. She’s always busy.  She sighs and reflects, “If only I had time to relax, I think I would…”

In the morning, she sticks to the routine:  Add a little more make-up and foundation; slightly heavier around the eyes; drink another cup of coffee or anything with caffeine. Her route to effective multi-tasking is mixed with rushing.  She doesn’t realize, staying consumed with minimal down time can become routine.  Compounded by stress, it can easily develop into an unrelenting life style.  Taking time for self should not be considered indulgence.

Give yourself permission to step away from daily stressors.  Find a place for relaxation.  A healthy balance shows in our skin and bodies and it reflects on how we interact with others. Life balance includes discovering methods that allow us to relax, find contentment, and to have less stress.  When we take care of our bodies, we take care of ourselves.

At least once a month, gift yourself time to relax.  Add yourself to the calendar; the day between dentist visits and getting the oil changed.  It’s just as important as everything else.  This month’s appointment is already overdue.  Find balance.

Angela Strother, PhD is co-owner of Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa in Matthews, offering authentic salt rooms, massage, facials, threading, Henna body art, and body treatments.  She is certified in aesthetics and oncology skin care.  You can reach the Jon’Ric team at 704-708-4165 or email at  At Jon’Ric Matthews, come join us for a cup of tea and a chat about your skin!

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