The Oncology Client and Spa Care

A beautiful chemotherapy patient begins removing the scarf from her head.

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Life is very challenging, especially when you are dealing with a life altering illness and unless know someone whom is dealing with something so overwhelming, it is difficult to understand what they may be experiencing.  Have you ever reached out and touched someone you didn’t know, simply because you wanted them to have an experience they would cherish and be able to reflect on during private moments?  Consider this powerful reflection of a recent cancer client:

Despite the fact that Elizabeth carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, she looked forward to the facial experience; to the opportunity to simply relax while someone gently massaged and cared for her skin.  In the treatment room, she removed the colorful scarf and revealed a beautiful face with no hair and at that moment, she didn’t really care.  She laughed heartily; such a robust laugh, full of joy and for the next hour, she gave herself permission to relax and release.  Within moments of starting the treatment, her exhaustion was clear as she drifted off to sleep.

Although Elizabeth’s immune system is weakened and her load is heavy, she recognizes that time for “self” qualifies as important.  She understands the needs of her skin have changed and she is inquisitive about holistic ways to care for her skin.  As she takes in information, her outlook is optimistic and positive.

Elizabeth is not a candidate for aggressive facial treatments. Maintenance of her skin can only be successful with selective products from reliable sources.  Her skin requires intense hydration and uncompromised care.  Heavy exfoliation and manipulation, hot towels, chemical peels, derma-planing, and steam should be avoided, as they would comprise fragile skin.  It should be noted that most spa brands and protocols are not appropriate for oncology skin care and the most important part of Elizabeth’s skin care is maintenance of a regular home care plan.

With physician approval, oncology clients (active and remission) can receive integrative topical skin care treatments at well-equipped wellness spas.  The spas should carry medical grade oncology products that are also sold at reputable cancer centers.

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