The Therapeutic Touch

A mature woman is having a massage in a Spa.

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Weekly Column: Skin Sense

Angela C. Strother, PhD.

With soft music playing, eyelids closed, her lips form a half-smile; so content, so carefree; like a young girl.  The warmth of the bed, soft sheets, pristine décor; the aesthetician dims the lights and ever so gently cleanses the client’s skin and performs the facial. As warm towels and gentle massage grace her arms, shoulders, and upper back, the treatment concludes; like a perfect dance with no missed steps.  Touch is therapeutic for the client and the aesthetician.

It’s the things people think, but are often hesitant to say; then someone speaks with courage and compassion: “Sometimes I almost forget what it’s like to be touched by another person.”  The client discusses the agony of losing her departed husband and the loneliness that now envelopes her…During these moments we must listen and learn.

While some may view “spas” as a negative or lavish retreat, it is actually a warm environment that meets the diverse needs of its clientele.  This includes clients who may be physically or emotionally stressed, professionally stressed and more.  It extends from athletes to executives, stay-at-mom’s to soccer mom’s.  Most spa clientele receive some form of hand therapeutic treatments that are done by licensed therapists.  In skin care treatments, warm or hot towels and light massage help to relieve tension, even though this may not be listed on intake forms.  Through the art of touch, a skilled therapist interprets the client’s feedback through what may often be nonverbal gestures.

Invite peace and rest easy at your next spa appointment.  This is a safe place.

Angela Strother, PhD is co-owner of Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa in Matthews, offering authentic salt rooms, massage, facials, threading, Henna body art, and body treatments. She is certified in aesthetics and oncology skin care. You can reach the Jon’Ric team at 704-708-4165 or email at At Jon’Ric Matthews, come join us for a cup of tea and a chat about your skin!

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